A story that takes place in one day
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About The Movie

The intent of this film is not only to tell a story that would affect the audience but also to tell it without any dialogue. It is an attempt to explore silent moments, glances, body language, and facial expressions as the very essence of anything that is ever “said”.

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Meet Our Amazing Cast

Alice Amter
Alice Amter

She Boss

Ethan Phillips
Ethan Phillips

The Boss

London Bridges
London Bridges

Black Assassin


"Stunning in suspensefulness, Andrzej Kozlowski’s “1” showcases cinema verite angles so seamless that you unconsciously bob and weave in your seat, peering around trees as if you were glued to an actor hiding from the enemy behind red ant-infested, decaying limbs."

Louinn Lota

Former Associated Press Print & Radio Broadcast Writer